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by on May 22, 2020

When asked why Micaza is different from other hunting apps, the answer is immediate: it is the only mobile app based on two apps, one for hunters and the other for managers, each with specific functions, but perfectly interconnected, that's why we say which are " sister " apps . If we had put all the functionalities in a single app, we would have lost simplicity and ease of use.

Micaza from its inception was born to reinforce communication between preserves and hunters, from anywhere at any time, because it is always carried on the mobile phone.

Micaza Gestor is the app that meets the needs of managers of reserves and hunting societies. When installing it, the manager enters the basic data of the preserve in less than 30 seconds so that the administration of the app can validate them.

Later, the manager can mark the rest of the information easily since all the species, hunting modalities and even the closures of all the regions are preloaded. After loading the data, the manager accesses the Board and Members from the menu and invites the members or clients of the preserve to install Micaza Cazador (if they have not yet downloaded it) to thus establish internal communication via chat with them or send them immediate notifications, bulletin board type.

The chat is bidirectional to avoid the chaos of the WhatsApp groups and the proposal is that only what is interesting is discussed, that is, hunting.

In addition, the managers have a Calendar synchronized with that of their members to announce their hunts and they also have at their disposal in one click the consultation of the updated closings and regulations on weapons and hunting.

If you wish, the manager designates other managers of the preserve, or activates the Sale to the public module, in which you can publish the species you want to sell to all the hunters of Micaza for free, or create specific events (monterias, batidas, ojeos ... ).

It's optional? Yes. How is the sale? Hunters come into direct contact with managers through chat and negotiation is direct between them. If you want to know more, don't miss this video: Micaza Gestor in a minute, also available in Portuguese

At Micaza we are working on the evolution of the app for managers in order to make it more complete and to achieve comprehensive management of the needs of hunting reserves or companies.

Micaza Gestor is free and available for download on iOS and Android. For those managers who install it, we recommend the following video about all the current features of the app: Micaza Gestor App Tutorial


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