Mary Kirk
by on May 24, 2020

We are still in quarantine , some doing many things, others a couple of , lecture friends and family , there are those that work or not, but the important thing is to travel through it as best as possible.

It is not time to travel and, to kill boredom, during this post I leave you platforms to observe series and films for free of charge , a minimum of for a couple of days.

This list not only serves us in quarantine except for downtime on future trips, like once we want to relax in the dark after each day of walking, or during a wait or visit the airport.

Platforms to observe series and films for free of charge
Amazon Prime : This Amazon service not only serves to urge free product shipments but also to possess access to at least one of the simplest series and movie platforms, where you'll see The marvelous Mrs. Maisel and therefore the man within the high castle, among others . there's 1 month free trial.

also chck  Ocean of movies
Cine Play : On this site you'll see Argentine content completely free. there's no test period and only registration is required.

Qubit TV : it's many movies of all genres, mostly classic, and offers 7 days liberal to test the platform.

HBO GO : On the HBO platform you'll find all its content from series and films like Westworld, Game of Thrones, Sex and therefore the City, Chernovyl, Sopranos, Watchmen and lots of more. there's a 7-day free trial.

Acorn TV : On this site you'll watch the simplest British series and there's a 1 week free trial.

Sky TV : Allows you to observe series and films through TV channels like FOX, AXN and TNT, so you get access to all or any of their content. you'll try 1 month free.

FlixOle : it's an outsized catalog of flicks and series in Spanish, mainly from Spain and Argentina. Normally, you'll try it for free of charge for 14 days, but with the YOMEQUEDO code there's 1 month free.

Amazon Free Time : this is often the choice that Amazon has for the small ones , with series and films for them, additionally to educational applications and games. There are 30 days liberal to try.

Keep in mind that you simply can see the content on your telephone , computer, tablet or maybe on the TV.

In the case of web sites that have a free subscription for a limited time , i like to recommend that you simply schedule the date once they must unsubscribe, or automatically unsubscribe when the amount ends as soon as they register. during this way, your mastercard won't be charged when the test ends, since they will be requested as a guarantee.

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