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Smartphones always know where you are and provide you with information about the location. Smartphones come with a feature known as Location Services which helps you to find the correct location. Your smartphone always knows your location even if you do not know where you are and where to go. You can get assistance from your smartphone if you are searching for some store or restaurant. Your smartphone can provide you with several recommendations regarding stores or malls or any other location. Also, you can send your latest location to your family and friends so they can come to meet you.

Location Services: What are these and How Location Services Work?

Location Services can be defined as the set of key features that helps the users to locate where they are currently. After locating the current location of the user, the Location services send the content to the user based on the information. Find My iPhone, Yelp, Google Maps and many such apps use the location of your phone to tell you where you should drive, location of your stolen face, location of a favorite restaurant, etc.

Locations Services often come with in-built GPS that can be considered as its backbone. Location Services often work by clicking on both the various data on the internet and hardware of your phone. Most of the smartphones are introduced with in-built GPS allowing your phone to connect to the positioning System network globally. However, the GPS based system is great, but it does not always provide accurate information. So, to get the most accurate information about your current location, Location Services use data from Wi-Fi installed nearby, data from networks of cellular phone and Bluetooth devices. The users get a powerful tool to figure out their location combined with crowd sourced data from GPS and extensive technology of mapping from Google and Apple. Besides, some high-end and powerful smartphones come with sensors which can determine your current location.

Turning on Location Services on Android

However, Location Services are enabled during the setting up process of Android-based devices; you can enable it later also by following these ways:-

  • Go to the Settings and tap on it.
  • Search for the Location section and tap on it.
  • You will need to On the Location section by moving the slider to On.
  • Go to the Mode section and tap on it.
  • You will need to choose the Mode you want as:-
  • Battery saving: The Mode helps you to Save your phone battery life without using GPS. However, it is not so accurate and with less Privacy.
  • High accuracy: It uses GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks to give the highly accurate information of your location. It uses more battery and is weak in Privacy.
  • The device only Mode: You can enable the Mode if you care about Privacy much more and comfortable with even data not so accurate. The Mode does not use Wi-Fi networks, cellular networks or Bluetooth.

Turning on Location Services on Your iPhone

You can turn on Location Services while setting up the iPhone. If you have not turned it on, then use the below-given steps:-

  • Click on Settings and then click on Privacy.
  • Search for Location Services and click on it.
  • Move the slider to either Green or On to enable the Location Services.

Things to do When Apps Ask for Accessing Location Services

When you launch apps on your phone, these apps will ask to get access to Location Services. To work properly, some of these apps want your permission to access Location Services. You may provide them with your permission or may not as it depends upon your need. Your smartphone may ask you if you are willing to allow the specific app using your latest location. When you encounter the question, it is simply privacy settings that are making you aware of the data apps are using and accessing. The privacy settings of Apple for Location Services are more robust than that of Android. The iPhone users often see a pop-up window allowing them to choose which apps they want to access their location. You can either allow the app or disable them.

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