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With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft also released their new Edge browser that was supposed to be a replacement to the aging Internet Explorer. Edge has come quite a long way since its launch and has its fair share of users who use the browser on their PCs. Even if Edge does not come close to the popularity of Google Chrome or even Apple’s Safari, Edge comes built-in with any PC and thus makes it a default browser on any Windows PC. Users have reported that Edge has very few RAM issues which Google Chrome is infamously known for. Edge has adapted to the modern browser game by including extensions into the browser to extend its capabilities. Here are a few extensions that can make your web experience on Edge more worthwhile.

  • Enhancer for YouTube

This extension is made specifically for YouTube and its features include removing ads from videos, making a specific resolution your default, and disabling YouTube’s autoplay feature. Enhancer for YouTube also comes with a host of other features that the user can explore to make their YouTube experience better.

  • Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions for Edge as it blocks all kinds of ads present on any web page. However, AdBlock Plus is still in its beta phase for Edge and one should consider this before installing this extension on Edge

  • GetThemAll

GetThemAll finds all the files that can be downloaded from any website, be it images, audio or video. This extension has been widely used by many to facilitate offline storage of these files.

  • Ghostery

Many worry about the tracking data that websites pull in from any device. Ghostery allows you to stay anonymous on the Internet by blocking all requests of tracking data from all websites. This ensures privacy while also protects the user from hackers and online attacks.

  • LastPass

Just like its Chrome counterpart, LastPass is also available on Edge. LastPass allows you to manage all your passwords in a single space while also suggesting strong passwords and saving them for better security.

  • Mouse Gestures

This extension allows you to add gestures to your mouse to increase the accessibility of using Edge. Muse Gestures allows you to customize these gestures and make surfing through the web a piece of cake.

  • Office Online

Having a select array of Microsoft Office features handy can help you access your documents right while surfing through the web. While the extension does not provide a lot of functionality, it may come in handy for people who use Microsoft Office a lot.

  • OneNote Web Clipper

Microsoft’s answer to Evernote is its popular cross-platform app OneNote. OneNote has also made its way into Edge by allowing you to clip data from your web page and save it to one of the notebooks in the extension. These clips are automatically synchronized with your OneNote app on any device.

  • Translator

Obsessed with your favorite Japanese website but can’t understand the language? Microsoft has integrated their Translator app into Edge through its extensions feature so you don’t miss out on any content written in any language.

  • PrintFriendly

Many require frequent use of printing web pages. However, most of the time, unnecessary elements like ads take up precious space. PrintFriendly helps you to create a PDF of your webpage by letting you choose which elements to preserve and which one to eliminate. You can manually select a section of a webpage and delete it from the page so that you have the perfect file to print.

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Source:- 10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

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