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A Secure Socket Layer provides the most prominent privacy to the websites for securing their data from cyber-attacks. Being a security protocol based on encryption, it is used to maintain data integrity, authentication, and privacy between the communications. The privacy measures are taken by encrypting the data when it is sent from one source to another. When the data is ready to be transferred from one platform to another, an authentication process is initiated before transferring it. This authentication process is a form of pre-confirmation between the two communicating devices before any data is shared between them. The data travels in an encrypted way throughout its journey from one end to another, and it gets decoded when it reaches on the other side. A Secure Socket Layer builds up a rapport of the websites, and it ensures the users that the connection on which they are working is fully secured. So, you should have an SSL certification established on your website to increase productivity by engaging more and more viewers.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best and economical SSL certification, which can be established on the websites. You may go through each of them to have a better understanding if you are planning to make your website more secure in terms of data processing. There are a vast number of SSL certificates available from different authorities. These SSL certifications are yearly based certifications and are evaluated according to their speed, warranty, refund policies, wildcard SSL support, and seal provided.

  • CACert free certificate

This certification can be best implemented for checking purposes. It comes free of cost with a domain validation and gets issued immediately. However, it has no wildcard SSL support because it is freeware. This certification can be used if you only want to test some basic things and don’t want to use a self-signed certificate.

  • Comodo Positive SSL

This certification is for the people who do business through an SSL server on a moderate level. This SSL certification comes with a price of $8.88 per year. It supports domain validation and can get issued in less than 15 minutes after purchase. It has a $10,000 warranty and can be refunded within 15 days of purchase, if it is not required anymore. However, it does not have wildcard SSL support, but it does come with a sealing.

  • Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain

This SSL certification comes with a price of $29.88, which is comparatively higher than the previous one. This is because it has multiple domain support on a single certificate. It gets issued in a span of fewer than fifteen minutes after purchase. It has a sealing and domain validation, and if it is not required, you can return it in seven days. This SSL certification is for the requirements that are similar to the requirements of the certification mentioned above.

  • Comodo InstantSSL

If you have a massive online business setup through an SSL server, then Comodo InstantSSL might be a great choice. It comes with a pricing of $20.88 for a year and gets issued within two working days. It has a seal and validation support for the domain as well as for the company and has a warranty of $50,000. It comes with a refund period of fifteen days. However, it does not have a wildcard SSL support. This certification is for requirements that are almost similar to the above mentioned Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain certification.

  • Rapid SSL

This service offers a single server certification on affordable pricing. It comes with a pricing of $59 per year. Once the payment is confirmed, it gets issued in a couple of minutes. It has seal and domain support and comes with a warranty of $10,000 and can be refunded within seven days of purchase. However, it does not have wildcard SSL support.

  • Network Solution Xpress

This SSL certification verifies your domain with its own brand, acting as a safeguard standing behind your domain to protect it from unknown threats. It comes with a pricing of $59.99 for a year. It comes with sealing and has a domain validation with a warranty of $10,000. However, it neither has a wildcard SSL support, nor it has a refund procedure.

  • Comodo InstantSSL Pro

If your company doesn’t do a lot of business through the SSL server but needs validation, then you can go with this certification. It is one of the cheapest ways to get the Comodo Company validation as it comes with a pricing of $38.88 per year and gets issued in two business days. It provides a warranty of $100,000 and supports validation for the domain as well as the company. It has a refund period of 15 days; however, it does not have a wildcard SSL support.

  • Comodo SSL

This SSL certification is one of the most affordable options if you want a good warranty and validation for both domain and the company.  It comes with a price of $199 for a year and gets issued within a few minutes of payment confirmation. This certification is most recommended if you have a small enterprise setup that deals in around 2 or 3 services. It does not provide sealing and wildcard SSL support; however, it has a domain and company validation with a warranty of $250,000. And if not in use, it can be returned within 30 days to get a refund.

  • GoDaddy Protect One Website

It is one of the most budget-friendly SSL certifications, which comes in the pricing of $59.99, which is nonrefundable. It is easy to add, especially if you already have a GoDaddy DNS or hosting account. It gets issued within 10 minutes after the purchase and has a sealing as well as domain validation. It has comparatively less warranty than other services, which is only $1000. However, it does have wildcard SSL support.

  1. Thawte SSL Web Server

If your company needs a very strong warranty, this is one of the best to date SSL certification which you can purchase. It has a warranty of $1,250,000, which is huge compared to the rest of the certifications. It provides both company and domain validation on the pricing of $199.00 for a year, which can be refunded within 15 days of return if the service is not required anymore.

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Source:- 10 Best Affordable SSL Certificates That Are Worth Using

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