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We like it or not, it is a fact that nowadays standardized test plays a significant role in the educational sector. Whether it is a multiple-choice question answer to test objectivity of the students or long questions to assess the subjective analysis of the students, the standardized test is a tool to evaluate the student's academic excellence according to national standards. As there are two sides of the coin, similarly, there are both supporters and opposers of the standardized test; but recent studies have shown that a standardized test is less likely to evaluate the effectiveness of a student's learning process. Standardized testing has provoked the long debate on its effectiveness that whether this testing can judge the abilities of the studies effectively, and parents are extremely concerned about their children's academic evaluation that how this standardized testing system can judge their children's academic progress. In many cases, this testing system is not aligned with the actual learning and career outcomes of the children. The standardized test, assessment and research paper, put so much academic pressure on you that you ultimately hire someone to write your paper

The psychologist and educations are now wondering whether student's abilities can be judged based on standardized testing, and what are the long-lasting impacts it has on the students.

 1. Test scores shatter student's confidence.

The biggest limitation of the testing system is that it considers the student score as a sole determinant of its academic performance and interpret the test results as the student's overall academic progress. It should be emphasized by the education system that the test scores are just the numbers and it is just the one point to evaluate the student's learning progress. There have been a lot of times when a student has a clear understanding of concepts and demonstrate good comprehension of subjects in different assessments but does not possess good skills in attempting multiple-choice questions. Therefore, students might feel that they did not perform well in the test as they liked to do. In some cases, the students assume their final standardized test score as their whole academic performance rather than looking at different assessments taken during the whole year. It ultimately results in low confidence in students

2. Teachers teach for the test

When the standardized testing system becomes most of the schools and the state, it creates an immense impact on the teaching methodologies and student's learning behaviour. The teachers get too focused on teaching for the final exams because they feel that their evaluation solely depends on the performance of the students in the final standardized exams. Educators may avoid using constructive and modern teaching pedagogies in the classroom. The teachers start getting worried before exams that how their students will perform and put lots of pressure on students, which ultimately compromises the quality of the education. This approach puts student's thirst for inquiry, creativity, critical thinking and learning at risk.

3. The test result cannot determine the student's overall performance

Many educationists believe that standardized test provides vital data to interpret a student’s intellectual ability. There could be a plethora of factors that might affect the performance of the students in the test that include unfamiliarity with the test, anxiety and health issues. For that purpose, it is important to look at the bigger picture while looking at test results. The question is whether standardized test reflects the true abilities of the student. For instance, the student can be good at composing a well-structured essay; but find it very difficult to attempt the multiple-choice question answers. The standardized testing system does not reveal how knowledgeable the student is. 

Sometimes, it is also believed that students who score high scores on the test have a good understanding of the concepts, but that is not the case every time. In real, researchers believe that high test scores have little to do with memory, understanding, and interpretation of the information. The higher score just means the student is good at rote memorization and attempting multiple-choice test-taking.


Indeed, Standardized testing system is a big issue in the educational sector, because we really require the internal and external test to evaluate student performance. Assessments are effective when it focuses on improving the quality of teaching and student learning in the classroom. However, they become ineffective when test scores are used to evaluate students’ intellectual ability and when students are put under pressure to score high in the test. Schools and parents are encouraged to see the standardized test as a not overall evaluation of a student's academic performance; but just a piece in a whole puzzle of a student's learning process.

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