by on February 19, 2020


Majority of the people are searched online with their first and last name. Those people usually don’t go past the first page. Therefore, it is better to have a personal website owning a domain so that you can appear on the top of the search engine result.

If a person is not good at designing his personal website then he can take assistance from the customized personal website help UAE and start telling your personal and professional stories all across the web. Your personal website also works as a resume. You can upload your projects and portfolio on web. It is now become a traditional career path after LinkedIn. It makes you stand out from the crowd in the professional world.

There are many online tools available too, paid and free both, from where you can build your own brand. Following are the basic steps to create a personal website.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Select a Template
  3. Customize the Template
  4. Upload Content
  5. Choose Domain Name
  6. Set up the SEO Parameters
  7. Publish the Website


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