Evelyn Benjafield
by on May 17, 2019
Running a large vehicle fleet, whether of cars or trucks, is a complex business. There are many elements to think of and control, not least the one of keeping track of where each vehicle in the fleet is at any one time. Other important elements of running a fleet of vehicles include organizing maintenance and invoicing customers for work done. However, the job of running a large fleet could be made easier by the use of fleet management software. This article will look at some of the elements that a fantastic fleet management software package should contain and some considerations needed to be considered before buying a package. The part of a fleet management software package is the monitoring of the vehicles while on the road. This is usually done by means of a GPS device being fitted to the car, which sends data to a server run by the provider of this software package. The fleet manager can then access the data on the server. Being able to track the location of vehicles in the fleet makes it easier to run the fleet because vehicles may be allocated to jobs depending on their physical location, with the job going to the nearest car. This is particularly useful for truck haulage companies which frequently require a rapid response to a customer request for a consignment to be picked up. There's always maintenance to be done, and ensuring it is done on time is one of the big headaches of running a fleet. A good fleet management software package will ensure that vehicles are kept on time by setting a schedule for each car and then sending a reminder once the maintenance is expected. The software may contain elements to assist mechanics carry out the maintenance and to help in inventory of spare parts. Invoicing customers for work done is much easier with fleet management software, since the software should be able to produce a very detailed invoice, showing the customer where the consignment was picked up and dropped off, and precisely the amount of time to complete the job and the mileage traveled. This cuts down considerably on the amount of invoices which may be queried from the customer. As you can see, fleet management software takes away a lot of the paperwork and time usually needed to run a fleet of vehicles. By bearing in mind the points should be possible to find a fleet management solution for your needs. But do some research with providers and only purchase a package when you are sure it provides all the elements you need to help run your fleet.
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