How I Changed My Same Day Tour to Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour

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This post is on my recent tour, a same-day Taj Mahal tour by car. because it could be an excursion, therefore I actually have lined as several things as I will presumably cowl in some unspecified time in the future At the top of the day, I spotted that each day trip to Agra will truly each

It was the morning of the summer and I was within the building in Delhi, prepared with a backpack to go to Agra. Same Day Agra Tour by Car A pre-booked cab came just outside of my hotel to take me From there, I started my boat in the direction of winds that were reaching India’s history. The driver or I can call it the tour representative, took me to Agra via Yamuna Expressway, the fastest expressway.

After 3 hours of the long long-term, we have a tendency to have created it to the town of Taj. As we have not taken anything at breakfast, so I was badly starved and my eyes were just searching for the food that I can eat speedily. Same Day Agra Tour by Train Bursting out of curiosity, drive suggested that have some media and Jalebi, which is the morning breakfast easily available in Agra in the morning. That was so delicious that I made up my mind, that whenever I will visit Agra, I will never let mornings in Agra go without this.

The next very step was the step that I think every visitor does after arriving in Agra. That is visiting the Taj Mahal and exploring the perfect example of love and peace. Agra Tour by Car This is the monument that is known for the love that is residing in its heart. After spending quite a lot of time grasping every small piece of art, that has made this monument one of the Seven Wonders of the World. And honestly, they all blew me out by the art-with-perfection.

From there I moved towards the second heritage site that is present in Agra Tour by Train, Agra Fort. It is a well-fortified city, having gardens, halls, and many other things of entertainment. They are supposed to be used by the emperors which had a regime over India through this Fort. I have walked down the narrow roads which are in this fort. I have seen that place where Emperor Shah Jahan was captivated by his own son, I have seen that incredible water following system and, that Jahangir Palace.

After that, my stomach started screaming that it wants food, so it was my whole sole duty to keep it happy, I went to a restaurant. Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car There I ordered Dum Aloo and some chappatis. Really that made my day and I just thanked God for making me this much.

One of my friends suggested to me that there is no point in exploring Agra if you do not make it to Fatehpur Sikri. Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Train It is a city situated on the outskirts of Agra and 40 kilometers in distance. But on that day I left with time which is not sufficient for going there and making it to Agra by the evening. And there is also a thing if you want to make your memories with the Taj Mahal stronger, so make your visit in the morning. So, I listened to my heart and changed my tour from the same day Taj Mahal tour to the overnight Taj Mahal tour. The tour operator booked a room for me.

Therefore, accidentally or knowingly I have lived the nightlife of Agra and tasted much of the street food for which this city has known, not just this city but the whole of India is known for its best food items. The next morning I got up early and headed towards the Taj Mahal Tour by Car before the sun got up from the horizon. That was really a very mind-soothing and amazing moment of my life.

From there, I headed for the city which had made me stay a day more in Agra, Fatehpur Sikri. To reach Fatehpur Sikri is just as easy as reaching Agra from any city. This place has a strong connection with the history in which Akbar resides. Well, this is also and fortified city having many amazing and mind-boggling things. Taj Mahal Tour by Train Getting many memories of this city, captured in my mind and camera too I moved my back towards Agra back.

Those two days of my life were just unforgettable for me because in those two days I have lived thousands of moments. That kind of trip sometimes makes us free from this worldly world.

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