How to Prevent and Repair Storm Damage

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If your home or business took a bad hit from a storm, getting your space dry and cleaned up is step one.

If your home or business took a bad hit from a storm, getting your space dry and cleaned up is step one. If every corner of your commercial property is wet, how can you expect to continue with your business? If your home has mold, how can you live a healthy life?

By hiring the services of a storm damage restoration Minneapolis contractor, you can focus on more important things while your space is cleaned up.

Water Damage Restoration Services

A storm or flood can cause a lot of damage to your property. Leaks can be difficult and frustrating to repair. Water can seep through the smallest of spaces and the damage it leaves can be costly, and sometimes irreparable.

By hiring a storm damage restoration Minneapolis contractor, damages can be reduced using their available water restoration services.  Most companies offer flood cleanup and extraction, carpet drying, removal of rain and clear water, and mold prevention.

Depending on what you need repaired, these companies usually offer a tentative quote along with a timeline of how they plan to get your water damage issues resolved.

Mold Prevention and Removal

The build-up of mold and mildew is one of the effects of storm and flood damage. It takes just two days of your property being exposed to water before mold starts to build up. And these microorganisms can be dangerous.

Stop them before they start growing by addressing the root cause of your water damage. This is where a mold removal Andover specialist can come in handy. They will facilitate a thorough mold cleanup to ensure that no mold gets left behind.

Storm Damage Cleanup Specialists

Storm damage can be hazardous to the integrity of your property as well as your overall health. Water extraction should be completed as soon as possible to reduce the damage and prevent other contaminants from settling in.

Never hesitate when your basement, floors and walls are wet. Your first step is to get in touch with a storm damage restoration Minneapolis contractor to control and resolve the problem. These professionals can help you from incurring further damages and costs.

There are also mold removal Andover companies that rent out storm and flood damage equipment such as fans, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, air scrubbers, and desiccants for additional after-care.

Prevention Tips for the Future

Storms can't be stopped, but you can ensure your property suffers minimal damage.

Inspect your property and make the necessary fixes before the next storm hits. Repair any broken windows, gutters, and pipes. Leave no room for water to your property. Your roof should be secured and any holes should be properly patched. Additionally, make sure that your sewage system is free of clogs and garbage so that water can flow freely.

As simple as these suggestions are, they can make a huge difference in keeping your property dry.


By being proactive before a storm, you can greatly reduce the damage caused to your property. If water still finds a way inside, contact a professional water damage restoration company. These experts are highly skilled in preventing further water damage as well as fixing any existing damage at minimal cost.