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Running Man (2010)
Running Man is a reality-theatrical presentation that stars Yoo Jae Suk and numerous different famous people. In every episode, they should finish missions at renowned milestones to dominate the race. The missions quite often highlight running, subsequently the title, and the ID tearing game is loaded up with pressure as every part battles to get by.

Aku no Hana
Kasuga Takao is a kid who loves understanding books, especially Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. A young lady at his school, Saeki Nanako, is his dream and his Venus, and he respects her from a good ways. At some point, he fails to remember his duplicate of Les Fleurs du Mal in the study hall and runs back alone to get it. In the study hall, he tracks down his book as well as Saeki's exercise center uniform. On a distraught drive, he takes it.




Presently everybody knows "some deviant" took Saeki's uniform, and Kasuga is biting the dust with disgrace and culpability. Moreover, the bizarre, dreadful, and forsaken young lady of the class, Nakamura, saw him take the uniform. Rather than uncovering it was him, she perceives his fellow degenerate soul and utilizations her insight to assume command over his life. Will it be feasible for Kasuga to draw nearer to Saeki, notwithstanding Nakamura's interfering and his dim mystery? How precisely does Nakamura expect to manage him?

A top entertainer, the little girl in-regulation for a rich family and a blameless lady of the hour to be were once old buddies. Somebody then, at that point, takes steps to uncover their pasts in the event that they don't allure three men. The three men are a picture taker, a rich man and entertaining person. They enjoy a mysterious side interest, normal individuals couldn't comprehend. By some coincidence, these three people meet and they generally travel to a heaven like spot. Yet, that is all important for a plan. Who is behind the plan?

Woori The Virgin (2022)
Gracious Woori is the associate essayist of a well known show series. She has promised to stay a virgin until she weds, and has avoided close connections in a bid to stay pure until she weds. She is dating the dedicated cop Lee Kang Jae, yet when she goes to a standard clinical test, a horrible mistake happens and she is unintentionally falsely inseminated. She later finds her pregnancy, and requests the medical clinic makes quick work of the case.

In the long run she finds that the giver whose kid she is presently pregnant with is, as a matter of fact, the CEO of an outstanding beauty care products firm named Diamond Cosmetics. This CEO, named Raphael, is going through a chaotic separation with his significant other Lee Ma Ri, a delightful lady who would rather not split for her better half, predominantly for monetary reasons. Yet, when Raphael learns he is to be a dad, things get extremely muddled - especially after her understands that there is confidential past association that joins him to Oh Woori!




Redo of 2014 American TV series "Jane the Virgin", which thus, is approximately founded on the 2002 Venezuelan telenovela "Juana la Virgen".

Sh**ting Stars (2022)
The story discusses individuals who work in the background of media outlets, for example, PR groups, directors, and journalists, and tidy up the wrecks made by the stars. It recounts Oh Han Byul, the top of the PR group at a diversion organization, and the faultless top star Gong Tae Sung, who is additionally her normal adversary. They quarrel constantly, however soon additionally foster affections for one another.

Legends (2022)
The narrative of a compassionate youth named Wang Xiaoshi, and the undertakings he encountered in the wake of going down the mountain. During his excursion, he meets and becomes friends with a few similar companions like Bai Choufei, Wen Rou, Su Mengzhen and Lei Chun. In the confounded universe of Jianghu, he bit by bit develops from a tangled youth into a legend of his age.

The Sixth Sense S3 (2021)
6 individuals, made out of 5 hosts and 1 visitor, go to track down the most sizzling and most popular places or individuals. Notwithstanding, among the spots or individuals, there are fakes. Yu Jae-seok joins as the fundamental host with Jeon So-min, Oh Na-ra, Jessi and Lovelyz's Mi-joo. Utilizing their six detects they will track down fakes among the genuine.
Otherwise called: the intuition 2020




Ning You took Luo Yi back and cleared up for Hao Qinglin's folks that they had changed legal counselors without approval, making Hao Qinglin believe that he was deserted. Ning You likewise couldn't sort out why they needed to change legal advisors. Hao Qinglin's folks said that Gu Weiwei had moved toward them. Subsequent to perusing the purported proof, Luo Yigui said that this measure of cash didn't help the case. At this point, it was clear who needed to hurt Hao Qinglin. Ning You was as yet stressed over the mind-set of the two elderly folks individuals, however Luo Yigui needed to tell her that she generally felt that the two elderly individuals were excessively restless, and they were extremely clear about what Ning You did, yet eventually, they couldn't come close to what Xiao San said. All things considered, it's chilling.