Animal Crossing New Horizons June New Products

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Animal Crossing New Horizons June will be a continuous romantic atmosphere. The second year of the wedding season is also on the schedule. Last year, players used Nook Miles Tickets to go to Harvey's island to celebrate Cyrus and Rees, to get a lot of decoration rewards. You must also hope to have item rewards this year!

Players can still get rewards this year by helping Cyrus and Reese take pictures. The four new items in the Nook Shopping catalog are Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Ring Pillow, Nuptial Doorplate, Flower-Petal Basket. Of course, you can also buy ACNH Items directly, as long as you need them.

According to the current news, there are several versions of these items for everyone to choose from. Because there are three colors and internal "welcome" fonts. Players can have more room to choose from. There is a thing that needs to worry about is whether you need enough Animal Crossing Bells.

There will always be a sad and happy father at the wedding. And the end of this month is also the day when Father's Day comes. Two limited edition products come with the new wedding products. One is Thank-You Dad Mug, which appeared last year, and the other is Thank-You Dad Apron, who joined this year. But the price is not expensive, and players have about 10 days to buy.

Thank-You Dad Apron has 5 possible colors in the store. But some players have the freedom to play, and they may be able to get the color you want from other players. It will definitely be troublesome to design by yourself, so go buy it!

The island in June is a time full of happiness, and we will spend it happily with our two favorite people. I am grateful to my confidantes and my father who has been paying for me. I believe that with such a theme, there will be many designs that make people like and feel happy. Buy ACNH Bells allows players to fully prepare for their creativity and look forward to your sharing.