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Brett de Hoedt emcees & amp; speaks across Australia & amp; internationally . he is 72% less boring than your previous emcee or speaker. keynote Speaker melbourne, keynote speaker sydney, Keynote speakers Australia, Emcees Melbourne, Emcees Sydney, Emcees Australia, Conference Emce

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Every public presentation Brett de Hoedt delivers is aimed to provoke, entertain and provide practical advice. He utilises current real-life experiences and examples. He constantly involves his audience. Some of his presentations are more akin to a conversation.

Brett is funny – his testimonials testify to that - but he treats his audiences as intelligent adults who wish to be informed and challenged. As a talkback radio host he interviewed Prime Ministers, business leaders and newsmakers so he can handle a serious brief.

He is less predictable than most, never sticks to a script but will respect your schedule. He’s low-maintenance off-stage, energetic on stage, refreshingly free of contemporary speaker jargon and has no merch to sell. Here’s what he talks about: As delivered to dozens of local government authorities and hundreds of community groups from sporting to creative. Visit :