How to Write a 250 Word Essay for University Admission Application?

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Are you looking to get admission into your dream university but have no idea how to write an essay for your university admission application?

Worry not; we will explain the simple steps that help you produce a remarkable 250 Word Essay for a university admission application. People are afraid of writing a compelling essay in few words. Students write different essays in their academic life, but an admission essay is different. It has the same fundamental essay structure: an introduction, body, and conclusion. A 250 Word Essay for a university admission application will be no different. Each paragraph’s word limit will remain between fifty to a hundred, and each section will contain three to five brief sentences.

A Guide to Write 250 Word Essay for University Admission Application

In this section, this article is segregated into four steps. These steps are described in the following, along with examples, to develop a complete understanding of the mechanism of writing a 250 Word Essay. For instance, the topic of the essay is “the influence of family on educational goals.”

Writing Thesis Statement

Any compelling essay must start with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the central idea of the essay. A tip for designing a thesis statement is summarising the topic question in a single statement. For instance, the topic statement can be like the influence of education in handling economic crises.

Introduction Section

The introduction section can start with a general sentence according to the topic. The purpose of using a general sentence is to set the tone of the essay. The second sentence in this section will present a supportive argument in favour of the thesis statement. The third sentence is used to raise questions on the aim and objectives of the thesis statement. The last sentence in this section will establish the thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs of the Essay

The number of paragraphs in the body section of 250 Word Essay contains one or two. The length of each paragraph may remain between three to five sentences keeping the word limit of fifty to a hundred words. Each body paragraph will present an argument to support the thesis statement. For instance, the topic statement of the essay is about “the importance of formal education in combating economic challenges”, the body paragraph will evaluate how formal education helps in combating the economic crisis. In this case, the author can explain the challenges that low income families face due to a lack of formal education and how they struggle in life. You can then relate it to how it affects the economy as they go on governemtne support due to lack of skills. Then you can discsuss how the government then increseas taxes to combat poverty. The final statement of the body section will state how formal education helps high-paid employment opportunities and less strain on government resources and budgets.


The conclusion is the final section of an essay. It may start with “as evident…” or “to summarise…”. In order to write a good conclusion, the author of the essay must collect all the important points in the essay. Then these major points may be explained in different words by maintaining a logical flow. The final statement of a compelling short essay may state a broader concept. It will raise questions in the reader’s mind to keep them wondering. The first sentence of the conclusion section will summarise the major points of the essay. The second statement will connect with the first sentence to reach a solid conclusion. The final statement of the conclusion section will contain optimistic language expression. The conclusion section flow from specific information to broader statements. If you still are facing any issues, you can get cheap essay writing services from the best writers.

Word Limit Criteria for 250 Word Essay

The word limit of 250 Word Essay for university admission application is a rough estimate. An essay that is a little short or exceeds a few words, plus-minus fifty words, will be acceptable. However, it is recommended to stay closer to the prescribed word limit.

Tips to Write a Good Essay for University Admission Application

Here are a few tips to help write a good 250 Word Essay for a university admission application:

  • First, the writer must write a rough draft of the essay in one go. It will help to write an essay in a logical sequence along with common language expressions.
  • Take breaks in order to write with a fresh mind and start editing the first draft of the essay.
  • The author of the essay must not think much about the word count. The practice of writing four paragraphs or three to five sentences will help to get closer to the word limit.
  • The writer must avoid using vague statements in an essay. The vague statements will reflect a poor grip over the subject matter. The writer must provide supporting evidence in the body section of the essay.
  • The majority of professors believe in quality content instead of word limit. Suppose the essay’s word count remains below the limit of 250 words but contains sufficient information to address the topic and thesis statement. In that case, the writer must remain confident in his skills.
  • The practice of writing a short essay will help the writer gain expertise in writing short essays.


I hope this article has comprehensively explained the guidelines for writing a short essay for university admission applications. This article also contains tips that can help you significantly formulate an impactful essay. The writer can produce a good 250 Word Essay by following all the guides and tips.