Wood Striped Cutting Board

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Shop the eco-friendly vegetable and fruit cutting board which has a very smooth finishing that cuts your vegetables smoothly. We deliver the product quickly. Order Now!!

Today, whether it is a good house or a hotel, we can easily get a Wood Striped Cutting Board in any good kitchen. This is the board where vegetables are usually cut, different types of fruits are cut, and the food items that are cut in the kitchen are usually cut on this Wood Striped Cutting Board. It is a slat made of light wood which is usually rectangular in shape.


Various types of Wood Striped Cutting Board are available in the market today, and out of all the cutting boards, some cutting boards are known for their quality, such as Moda Striped Cutting Board.


Friends Moda Striped Cutting Board is a thick and light piece of wood where a cook cooks vegetables. We see that usually when our mother sisters cut vegetables, their fingers get cut because they take those vegetables in their hands and start cutting them without any basis. Due to this, the risk of cutting their fingers gets very high, that may lead to infection in the fingers. To avoid this, the Moda Striped Cutting Board is like a boon to our moms and sisters who take care of our food at home, who take care of their lovely fingers.


We have given you more information about the Moda Striped Cutting Board board below, from which you can know what is its specialty and why this Moda Striped Cutting Board is so famous among women.


Moda Strip Cutting Board

You can easily get Moda Striped Cutting Board on Zeus Merch's commerce website. For this, we have also given you its direct link below. Usually, it is bought in bulk order, where it is bought from an e-commerce website to sell. Its smallest set is 12 pieces, and the largest set is 288. However, you also get a discount of up to 35% on buying in higher quantities


The Moda Striped Cutting Board starts at just $12.90, and you can choose from a variety of colors. If you buy it on the Zeus Merch e-commerce website then you have to buy it in a minimum quantity of 12, and it is delivered to your store within just 5 business days.


Specification of Moda Striped Cutting Board

Moda Striped Cutting Board has different types of specifications, such as-

  • It is light in weight and has an eco-friendly cutting board made of bamboo wood.
  • On this our mother's sisters, cooks can cut food items in the kitchen.
  • Along with this, it is available in Bamboo Brown color.
  • It is delivered to the customer through the Zipline brand. This is a sustainable 10-inch wide, 15 inches long and 0.5-inch high cutting board.
  • It is also eco-friendly, with the help of which it does not harm the environment in any way.


Buy Moda Striped Cutting Board Now

If you want to buy this cutting board, then you can click this link that will take you to the destination page, here you will get the direct link to buy it, as well as here you will be given all the information about its price rate combination.  


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