Facebook Confirmation Code not Sending, How to Fix it?

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Facebook Confirmation code is very important as the code helps you in recovering the password of your account if you have ever forgotten it.

The code helps you in getting access to your account back when you detect some suspicious login or activity in your account but, if you are not getting facebook code then, it can very frustrating as you will not be able to reset the Facebook password. So here are some simple tips and tricks that you can use when you are not getting a Facebook confirmation code. 

What can you do if you are not getting a Facebook confirmation code?

If you are wondering why am I not receiving facebook code then, there can be many reasons for the same but here, you need to focus on the methods that you can try to fix this issue. 


  • Wait for some time


Sometimes, you need to wait for a little bit as there can be too many requests and the servers of the application can get jammed. It is recommended that you wait for approximately five minutes before you try some other method. 


  • Check network connection


 If fb code not received then, you might need to check the network connection as you need to have a stable connection to receive the code that will help you with your Facebook login.