Break up letter

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Don't get me wrong, Savannah still makes me swoon, and sometimes I feel her love,

Don't get me wrong, Savannah still makes me swoon, and sometimes I feel her love, and often I do. For me, this week has been a happy one. When Savannah went to school, I would take a walk on campus or jog on the track near the sports field, enjoying the rare free time. I found a fitness center on my first day at Chapel Hill and was able to continue working out and exercising. The club even let me use the equipment for free because of my active duty status. By the time Savannah comes home every day, I'll probably have exercised, showered, and be together. On Tuesday night, I went to the city for dinner with Savannah and a group of classmates. It was a pleasant evening, much better than I had expected. I thought I was hanging out with a group of intellectuals, the kind of college students who never leave juvenile psychology. On Wednesday afternoon, Savannah took me to school with her and introduced me to the professor. Then I met another group of people, some of whom I had met the night before. That night we brought home takeout Chinese food, and Savannah, sitting at the table, was wearing one of those camisoles, showing off her beautiful tan, which made me absent-minded, thinking that this was the sexiest beauty I had ever seen. By Thursday, I want to spend more time alone with Savannah. So I decided to give her a surprise. Savannah had classes that day and research in the afternoon,thermal imaging camera, so I went to the mall, spent a lot of money on a suit and new shoes, asked the shoe clerk, and made a reservation at one of the best restaurants in town, thinking I'd see Savannah dressed up. That restaurant is one of those five-star, high-class, special-class, formal places where waiters wear suits. Because it was a surprise,information kiosk price, of course I didn't tell Savannah beforehand. As soon as she walked in the door, I learned that Savannah was going out with the same group of friends. She sounded so excited, and I didn't want to spoil the fun and just swallow the plan back into my stomach. I wasn't just disappointed that day. I was mad as hell. It's nice for me to go out with Savannah's friends, but every day? I'm not sure. We haven't seen each other for a year, and we don't have much time left. Why do we have to go out with others? What bothers me is that Savannah obviously doesn't think that way. For the past few months, I always imagined that after meeting, we would try to get together to make up for the time apart. But now I have to say that I have miscalculated. So.. What does it mean? I'm not as important as I think I am? I don't know, but it's true that I'm in a bad mood. In fact, I should stay at home and ask Savannah to go by herself. As a result, I still went, and then I put on a bad face all night, refused to chat, and when someone looked at me, I stared back. I'm pretty good at this. What I've learned the best in the past few years is to scare people. I've been so unapproachable all night. Savannah knew I was angry, but every time she asked me what was wrong, interactive whiteboard prices ,face recognition identification kiosk, I always said no in a bad tone and said I was all right. I'm just tired. I say. Since Savannah wants to break the ice, is that all right? From time to time, Savannah glanced at me, reached out to hold my hand, and smiled at me from time to time, thinking that I would see it, and always piled snacks and soda in front of me. But it didn't take long for Savannah to get fed up with my attitude and give up trying to please me. It's not that I blame her, but I made it clear. Later, I saw that Savannah was also angry, which only gave me the pleasure of revenge. On the way home, we hardly spoke, and we slept alone. The next morning I was well enough to forget yesterday's unpleasantness. Apparently Savannah's still upset. When I went out to buy the newspaper, Savannah went to school without breakfast, and I had to drink my coffee alone. I knew I had gone too far, and I was going to make up for it when she came home. I have to admit my doubts, tell her that I actually planned to have dinner with her yesterday, and apologize. I fully expected Savannah to understand, and then we could bury the hatchet and have a romantic dinner. I thought that was what we were going to do, because the next day we were going to Wilmington for the weekend with my dad. Believe it or not, I really want to see dad. I guess dad was looking forward to seeing me, I mean, in his own way. Dad, unlike Savannah, doesn't expect anything from me. It may not be fair to say this, but Savannah played a different role in my life back then. I shook my head. Savannah, it's always Savannah. Everything about this vacation, the big and small things in life, is always related to Savannah in the end. At one o'clock in the afternoon, I took a shower after exercising, packed my bags and called the restaurant to make a new reservation. By that time, I was well aware of Savannah's daily routine and knew that she should come in at any time. Then it's all right. I sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. Game shows, series, talk shows, talk shows. The waiting time was hard. I kept peeking at the balcony to see if Savannah's car had come back, and I checked my luggage two or three times. I'm pretty sure Savannah was on her way home and ended up bored enough to clean the dishwasher. A few minutes later, I brushed my teeth a second time and looked out again. Still no Savannah. Turn on the stereo to listen to the radio, listen to a few songs, turn to six or seven radio stations before cutting off. I went to the balcony, but no one was there. It was almost two o'clock, and I didn't know where Savannah was, but I felt the anger of yesterday rekindled and forced myself to calm down. I told myself that Savannah should have a good reason to do this, and when I got angry again, I had to tell myself the same thing again. I opened the bag, took out the latest Stephen King novel, poured myself a glass of ice water, and collapsed on the sofa to read. Later, I found myself staring at the same sentence, and finally gave up. Another fifteen minutes,touch screen kiosk, then half an hour. When I heard Savannah's car, I was so angry that I tightened my jaw and clenched my teeth. At 3:15, Savannah pushed the door open with a smile on her face as if nothing had happened.