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Huo Wuli also wanted to get up from the bed, but she thought of the miserable appearance of last night, so she stepped on

Huo Wuli also wanted to get up from the bed, but she thought of the miserable appearance of last night, so she stepped on it in a different way. The original spark is getting the unexpected ability, see here, she directly picked up Princess Huo Wuli, this is the real princess hugged. With a smile on her face, the original spark sent her up again: "I hug you." “……” I haven't seen you for one night. What happened to the spark that was a little empty? Why did she feel that the strength of the original spark seemed to have increased a lot, not as trembling as it was yesterday. Huo Wuli put his arms around yuan Xinghuo's neck and turned his head sideways and asked, "Aren't you tired?" "I'm not tired. I'm not tired of holding you for a long time." The original spark a face of sincerity, after all, their strength is great, Huo Wuli is really not heavy. But Huo Wuli felt that the original spark would coax people more and more: "You are so glib that you will amuse me!" But she doesn't hate it. The original spark that told the truth:. Harm. The original spark tidied up quickly, washed with salt, and went to find Huo Wuli, two people together with a little breakfast, the original spark with "mask" and other equipment, with Huo Wuli, toward the Jinyang Palace. It's a coincidence. Now the prince is in the Jinyang Palace, the original spark is ready, arrange good people, holding Huo Wuli quietly floating into the Jinyang Palace, the two are still in a fierce dispute. Why was there an accident? Father knows, the two of us. The prince was afraid of both the queen and the saint. He sometimes felt like a man living in a crack. Therefore,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, facing Sima yuan, who was lower than himself, the prince also showed a timid look. Sima yuan now some regret to cooperate with the prince, did not cooperate in the past, the prince's cowardice is steady, timid is benevolence, real cooperation, all is not the same thing! That's all! Although the prince is timid, his heart is good after all. Sima yuan sighed and said,rosmarinic acid supplement, "If I can't do it this time, I'll try again next time. Why are you so frustrated, brother?" “……” With a bitter face, the prince looked at his sister, the proud daughter of heaven, who dared to say so without facing the anger of the sage. The prince sighed, then shook his head and said, "What about the man under you?"? Did you get it back? The ending must be clean. Sima yuan's face also became a little more dignified: "Come back is back, but his brain seems to be burned out." It was a strange night last night. She arranged people in Merlin, Chengyuan and Cangge, but the people in Chengyuan and Cangge said they didn't see anyone, and the people in Merlin were even more strange, as if they had been bewitched and were naked against the trees. Sima yuan thought about it and thought of ghosts and gods going up, could Huo Wuli drive the white walkers? Looking at the frightened look on Sima yuan's face, the original spark immediately knew that the opportunity had come. She put Huo Wuli in the side door and flew down to kill Sima yuan with a palm knife. Prince:? Looking at the prince as if to collapse, she showed a kind smile, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,saw palmetto extract, however, under the fangs, more ferocious. Ah, ah, er! The prince's courage was already weak, and he was suddenly frightened and dizzy by the original spark thrown by a white robe with white sleeves. ……” The original spark shook his head, really not frightened. As soon as she rolled her eyes, she fed the two men a little cartilage powder, and then broke their arms and thighs, trying to make their hands and feet weak. When all this is done, the original spark is finished. The author has something to say: Thank you, Maki, for the little angel's mine. Writing New World today really made me laugh, and I really want to send it out quickly. I locked it twice and marked it black so that I could change it differently. The second time, I was locked at 12 o'clock, and I was dizzy. Change the list today, ah, the mentality is a bit collapsed. Chapter 37 saving the betrayed Princess 15. Because of the cry of the prince, the eunuchs in Jinyang Palace were slightly agitated. Just about to find the source, Huo Wuli came to the door. "Where is your princess?" Huo Wuli did not often smile, his face was often cold, and the palace spread her "prestige" of killing people when she was slightly unhappy, so when she asked, the maid in front of her suddenly hung her head: "Your Highness is in the main hall.." Huo Wuli calculated in his mind that the original spark should also be able to create evidence of alibi at this time, and turned to look for the holy queen, so she gave a faint "um" and slowly took the palace maid bodyguard of Jinyang Palace to go in. Jinyang Palace is now a mess, the original spark is extremely narrow, after the two people dizzy, but also to the two people put a pose, so, two people now look like each other, if there is an affair. This is not the future, and even the future between brother and sister is to pay attention to some. Now can only be more strict, pay attention to the men and women seven years old different seats, therefore, two people today's behavior in the palace eunuch seems to have been particularly out of line. Jinyang palace's big palace maid Mo Ran and the prince's personal eunuch Qingzhu looked at the two people under the brocade quilt smiling calmly, snuggling up to each other, the panic under the heart can not be said. Also blame the original spark, the quilt is too tight, two people did not find the prince and princess is and clothes. They were just thinking-could it be that the prince and Princess Jinyang suddenly had any other feelings? No wonder the prince and the princess have been getting better and better recently. But is the prince so fast. No, this is not the time to think about it! Green bamboo gave up his stupid idea just now, and the deeper he thought, the more frightened he became. Not only out of concern for the relationship between the prince and the princess, but also out of concern for their own lives! After all, the prince and the princess are the daughters of the holy queen, even if this kind of thing is exposed, it will not endanger life, but they are not! Now that the two of them have witnessed this, what will be waiting for them if the princess and prince are awakened?! The wiser a man is, the more he thinks. Of course, the person who can follow the prince and Princess Jinyang without falling out of favor is smart enough. Mo Ran and Qing Zhu looked at each other and decided to go out quietly as if nothing had happened. However,phycocyanin spirulina, as soon as the two of them were about to retreat, they saw Huo Wuli step into the room with a gloomy face and a little anger. What does it mean that the house leaks but it rains all night, and the green bamboo and ink dye complain incessantly. prius-biotech.com