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All right, you guys go! If you need anything,heavy duty cantilever racks, you can come to me and I'll take care of it! The man who spoke was Tang Xian's uncle, Tang Haoan, the current deputy secretary of S city.

Nan Haotian, a disciple of Luoshuangfeng, won the first prize, and we hereby announce the successful conclusion of the ten-year competition. [] "Ningyue Zhenren announced the end of the competition after Nan Haotian defeated Meng Ying of Cang Jifeng. The biggest dark horse in the competition was officially defeated by Nan Haotian. Although Nan HaoTian was already bruised and wounded, he was still slightly better.". At the end of the competition, Shuang Lingzi and Cang Jifeng came to the ring for the first time to inspect the situation of their respective disciples. Although Nan Haotian finally got the first place, he was more seriously injured because he was unreservedly hit by Mengying and eaten back by the world of ice and snow. Shuang Lingzi frowned tightly and flew away with Nan Haotian. On the night of the big match, the whole Ruoshuizong was in chaos. Su Nuan's body was found in her cave mansion, and someone saw Zhang Yuze go to Su Yan's cave mansion with his own eyes. According to the array in Su Nuan's cave mansion, Zhang Yuze was the last person to enter Su Nu's cave mansion. No one had ever been to Su Nu's cave house since then. Congealed month real person great anger, immediately notice all if water sect disciples, is bound to take Zhang Yuze, and notice all if water sect outside the disciples, regardless of the opposition of the frost spirit son, that night most of the disciples of the main peak heard congealed month real person bamboo house sent out bursts of loud noise, there is a strong breath flashed by, Later, some people saw that the bamboo house of the real person was blown to pieces, which further confirmed that the frost spirit had fought with the real person. Shuang Lingzi was injured. The news came from Luoshuang Peak, but some disciples saw Shuang Lingzi spit out a mouthful of blood when he returned to Luoshuang Peak. At first, almost no one believed that Zhang Yuze would be the murderer of Su Nuan. Obviously, they were engaged,radio shuttle racking, and Zhang Yuze was one of the most promising disciples of Luoshuangfeng. Why was he so confused to do such a thing. Later, it was confirmed that the reason why Zhang Yuze was able to become a disciple with unlimited potential in just a few decades was that he had magic skills, which was discovered by Su Nuan, so he killed him. Because a disciple of the main peak saw with his own eyes that Su Nuan's corpse had evil spirit on it, and had been used before he died. The whole corpse had become a mummy. Only Ning Yue Zhenren could see at a glance that the corpse was indeed Su yuan. Although it was not clear, there was still a clue, especially that there was Su yuan's magic weapon in the body of the corpse. 【] Perhaps because family ugliness should not be publicized, Ruoshuizong only claimed that Zhang Yuze had slaughtered his disciples, but the specific matters were not made public. Even within Ruoshuizong, only some of the main peak's true disciples knew the truth of the matter, and had been ordered not to publicize it. But there is no impermeable wall in the world, metal racking systems ,pallet rack shelving, this matter has been publicized in various ways. In just a few days, the name of Zhang Erze has spread all over the sphere of influence of Ruoshuizong. No one mentioned it at all in the ten years that just ended. "Everyone's eyes are focused on this sudden thing.". On the second day of issuing the wanted notice for Zhang Yuze, Shuang Lingzi went to the main peak again, and many disciples saw with their own eyes that Shuang Lingzi's face was very ugly. This time, the bamboo house that Ning Yue Zhenren had just built was very quiet, and there was no sound of fighting again. Inside the bamboo house, Ning Yue Zhenren and Shuang Lingzi sat opposite each other, looking as usual, talking intimately, where there was any trace of contradiction. Younger martial sister, "is your wound all right?" Shuang Lingzi shook his head slightly: "This injury is the problem of recuperation for a few days, but I found that someone could not wait to spread the news outside, as we expected." "I didn't expect that a man who had been raised by Zongmen for so long would do such a thing. When did we treat him badly? Don't we feel guilty about betraying Zongmen?" "Elder Martial Sister" You don't have to be angry with this kind of person at all. Without him, how can we do it so perfectly? "It's just that things were discovered earlier. I didn't expect someone to go to yuan'er so soon. A few days earlier may hinder Yuze's action. I hope everything goes well." Shuang Lingzi is worried about this. Ning Yue Zhenren sighed: "There is nothing wrong with this matter being discovered a few days earlier." On the contrary, it is more natural. Nuaner is now under the protection of the two ancestors. "No one would have thought that the two ancestors were also involved in this matter. As for Zhang Erze, all we can do is trust him. "Yes, we really can only trust him. If it weren't for the power of the Holy Gate between us and the Demon Gate, why should we let our disciples take such risks?" "The greed of the Holy Gate is getting bigger and bigger, and we can't stop it." Ning Yue Zhenren is very helpless. "But does the method you gave Zhang Yuze work? Will it bite back? You should know that the skill of Ruoshui Sect is very different from the skill of Magic Way. I'm afraid it will be dangerous to practice the skill of Magic Way with his present practice. "No problem. The demon's body can't be judged by common sense at all. Elder Martial Sister, don't you forget how amazing that man was two hundred years ago?" Shuang Lingzi, on the contrary, did not have any worries and was very comfortable. Ning Yue Zhenren hesitated for a moment, or nodded: "That person is too high, so I think anything is possible on him, but after all, Zhang Yuze Xiuwei is still shallow, if this matter has an impact on him in the future, we seem to have a bit of loss outweighs gain." "There is no need to worry about it." Shuang Lingzi is very confident. Ning Yue Zhenren found that Shuang Lingzi did not want to go on, so she did not ask again. She knew that Shuang Lingzi knew much more about the demon than she did. Zhang Yuze covered up his breath, this is the third time he met a true man on his way at night, and in the past few days, he had no chance to escape from the sphere of influence of Ruoshuizong, originally Baihua Palace and Ruoshuizong were like fire and water, and would certainly be on guard at the junction, and if Shuizong was the same, and because of Zhang Yuze's things, it was a heavy barrier. After a period of time in the air,heavy duty metal racking, there will be patrol disciples flying over, and these disciples are in groups of three or five, the lowest of which is the cultivation in the early stage of building the foundation. kingmoreracking.com