Acura Key (NeiNiu)

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Unfortunately, Lu Huaiyuan did not guess what the emperor was thinking, and he was still talking about his opinions in the hall.

"What are you doing?" Li Zhaoxia was frightened and asked. Li Zhaoxia smiled softly and said, "teach them a lesson and help you vent your anger." "No." Before Li Zhaoxia had finished speaking, the sun had disappeared. It's bad luck to meet that smelly boy again. Out of the hospital, the tall man said to his companion in an unhappy mood. Don't think so much. When the boy is gone, we can move again. The fat man looked treacherous, rolled his eyes, and came up with a crooked idea. The tall man sighed. "That's the only way." "You have a good abacus?" Yang Tian looked at the three men in front of him, and his eyes flashed. Ah? When did you come here? For the sudden appearance of the sun, the fat man and others were frightened. You don't need to know that. Yang Tian said lightly, "How can you not have this idea?"? Headache Although Yang Tian said indifferently, there was an infinite sense of terror in the ears of several of them. The fat man's cold sweat came out. At this time, the sunny day gave him a kind of invisible majesty, which made him breathless. The fat man trembled and said, "Did you just mishear?"? We never meant that, absolutely not. Yang Tian smiled faintly. "Really?" The fat man nodded fiercely, patted the other two people who were still in the same place, and nodded fiercely: "Yes, yes." As if he hadn't heard it, Yang Tian said to himself, "I still don't think it's right. What if I'm not here and you harass my friends?"? Is it to disable your hands? Or break your legs? "Huh?"? Please don't. No, we won't. You have my word. I promise you. The fat man said submissively, and his heart was already afraid to the extreme. Yang Tian shook his head and did not speak. Although Yang Tian did not speak, so casually stood in place,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but the momentum emitted by the whole body, but enough to deter the presence of several people. Unable to bear the pressure of the sun, the tall man suddenly stood forward and said, "Hum, I don't believe it. We can't take care of you." The tall man rushed towards the sun, his hands shining faintly behind his sleeves. Yang Tian discovered this trick early in the morning. Hum, holding a weapon is also a dregs with only five combat effectiveness. Yang Tian looked coldly at the tall man who was getting closer and closer to him. Go to hell! When he was only one step away from the sunny day, the tall man flashed the knife in his hand. The merciless morning sun stabs the heart. At that moment, the two fat men who were still paralyzed in place were shocked. He stared at the tall man who looked like a violent man. The situation seemed unexpected, and when the knife was still an inch away from Yang Tian's heart, it could not move forward any more. The tall man clenched his teeth and could not push the knife forward with all his strength. Yang Tian still had an indifferent face, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, holding the tall man's wrist firmly in his left hand. Is this man a monster? Although the fat man is not in the nearest place, he really looks at it. The man grabbed Gao's right hand with only his left hand. That's a tall man's best shot. Not to mention that he could catch it at that critical moment, the strength of that hand alone was enough to surprise the fat man and others. If they were themselves, I'm afraid they would have died by now. With a slight exertion of his left hand, the tall man loosened his hand in pain and the knife fell to the ground. He kicked the tall man near the fat man. The sunny day is fading away. Next time I see you do something bad. I will destroy you. The voice of the sun, like a magic spell, lingered in their hearts and could not be forgotten all their lives. Chapter 590 prospective girlfriend Li Zhaoxia's face was full of anxiety, anxiously looking at the door, not knowing what Yang Tian was going to do, she was really afraid that Yang Tian would go to find those people on impulse. Hey, what's that look? Yang Tian returned to the ward to see Li Zhaoxia a lost look, can not help but joke. Seeing Yang Tian's embarrassment, Li Zhaoxia quickly lowered her head shyly. Suddenly he thought of something and looked up at Yang Tian. "What did you do just now?" "Nothing?" Yang Tian shrugged his shoulders and said, "I just went out for a walk.". ” Li Zhaoxia, of course, did not believe what Yang Tian said and guessed, "You're not going to look for those people, are you?" Then he looked at Yang Tian's face carefully, hoping to see something from Yang Tian's face. I'm not that bored. Yang Tian walked up to Li Zhaoxia and said, "How is uncle?" Li Zhaoxia looked gloomy, and no longer went to tangle with what had just happened in the sun, looking at Li Dasheng, who was still lying in bed. "I haven't woken up yet," he said bitterly. "Doctor He said he would arrange the operation as soon as possible. I hope it will be better." "Don't worry, it will be all right." Yang Tian comforted Li Zhaoxia. Uh. Dad is going to be all right. Li Zhaoxia is also comforting herself. Yang Tian looked at Li Dasheng, who was sleeping deeply, and set off another wave in his heart. Why? Kind-hearted people in this society are always bullied? Those righteous people go around doing some evil things under the banner. When did this society become like this? In this world, if you don't want to be bullied, you have to become stronger. If you don't want to be bullied, you have to become more evil. Let me bear this dark charge. In the afternoon, Dr. He hurried into the ward and began to arrange Li Dasheng's operation. Soon, a group of doctors and nurses rushed to the ward and carried Li Dasheng to the operating room on a stretcher. Dad! Li Zhaoxia has been following the stretcher and watching Li Dasheng, who is still sleeping, calling him constantly. Ok. Don't think about it, it will be all right. Outside the operating room, Yang Tian comforted Li Zhaoxia. Whoo, whoo, it must be all right. Li Zhaoxia couldn't help crying and threw herself into Yang Tian's arms. Yang Tian was stunned,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but he recovered immediately and patted Li Zhaoxia on the back. Not long after, Li Zhaoxia seemed to realize her gaffe and hurriedly left the arms of the sun, her cheeks flushed. Keep your head down and dare not look at the sunny day. Yang Tian looked at Li Zhaoxia with a smile and said nothing.