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Start from scratchStart from scratchStart from scratch

Of course not. The resistance of the magic barrier is quite weak, as long as it passes a certain blow, it will soon collapse. The last time we took this place, we blew up the magic barrier. And then lead the water to attack the other side's battle array to win. "Isn't this magic barrier you have here just to keep out water?" The barrier of Atlantis seems to be able to keep out only water. Who said that? "Have you ever seen a waterproof barrier?" Terry asked in surprise. I nodded: "Not only have seen, I also have, but not so big." "Sell it to me?" "What do you sell?" "Barrier!" "Didn't you say there wasn't such a big one?" Terry was not nervous at all and said, "Since you think this is a magic barrier that only blocks water, it means that you have seen or know that there is such a big magic barrier that can only block water." Yes, I have, but the problem is that it's not mine! They may not be willing to sell it to you. Terry pulled me excitedly. "Then please help me get it." "I can only be a middleman, trying to help you contact, and finally can it be done.". And you have to talk about the price by yourself. "Of course." Terry is also more intelligent. As long as you can help me get this magic barrier, I can give you an intermediary fee of 100,000 crystal coins. "We'll talk about this later. Let's talk about the propeller first." 'All Right. I'll take you to the warehouse to see the stock. He followed Terry down a few flights of stairs to the guild warehouse,fake blossom tree, which was basically an Arsenal. Next to the door of the warehouse was a pile of shells of various calibers, while on the other side was a barrel of gunpowder. Terry proudly introduced me to the things here, and he seemed very confident about the things here. But just as he was talking to me, he suddenly heard the sound of a cylinder falling to the ground with a bang. Ruyi actually knocked down a shell, and the huge shell rolled down the ground. There was a constant clatter all the way. The two of us watched helplessly as the shell rolled to the side of another pile of shells and made a loud crash. We shrank our necks to wait for the explosion,Faux cherry blossom tree, but nothing happened for a few seconds. It's a good thing it didn't explode, otherwise it would be in trouble! I walked up to Ruyi and scolded him severely, saying, "This thing is very dangerous. You can't play with it, do you know?" After my reprimand, Ruyi actually did not care and began to move another shell, completely ignoring my words. You touch these things again. You'll never want me to give you the magic spar again. Ruyi was about to touch the shell's claw and then took it back. Jixiang, like him, climbed back to me obediently. Hey, the carrot policy is still good. Seeing that the two little guys had become good, faux grass wall ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Terry dared to take me further inside. In a warehouse at the back, we saw torpedoes being set up with special support frames. There are at least thousands of torpedoes in the huge room. All of these, right? "恩 . These are all our torpedoes, but they are of different types. You're buying technology anyway, and I'll show you the sample of the propeller directly. Then he pulled me to the corner of the room to show me a row of retractors. These are the special propellers for torpedoes. The front one is the standard model, which is characterized by low price. The latter is the express type, which has small power but fast speed, and is suitable for making small high-speed torpedoes. Here are the big propellers, which can be used to make those huge torpedoes. The three combinations can basically handle most types of torpedoes. "Very good indeed.". Is the price according to the price set when we met in Nanjing last time? Of course. Businessman's integrity comes first. "Shall we trade now?" "Of course." "Wait a minute," Terry said. "I'll get the drawings." We went through a simple procedure to complete the transaction of technical data. When the deal is done, Terry will drag me around the city with him. I couldn't turn it down, so I had to follow him to visit it. To be honest, as a tourist city, Haiwangdian is very good and the environment is quite good, but as a war fortress, it is too far away. The whole city is built by the sea without any shelter. Some of them are underwater, and the safety is too poor. Terry said that he also knew that it was not suitable to be the main city, and that the main city of the guild usually chose the style of fortress. But he thought of a solution, that is, to replace passive defense with active attack. There are several strong cavalry regiments in the Sea King Palace, and there are many warships. No matter what direction the enemy attacks, they can use their powerful attack power to go out of the city and fight the enemy without fighting in the city at all. After the visit, I asked Terry where is a good place to practice. Then he left the city with Jixiang and Ruyi. Terry told us that the place is a very vast mountainous area, and the hills that stretch for dozens of miles are definitely the most common terrain in the game. These hills are characterized by mountains and rivers. There are mountains everywhere, but they are not high. There are rivers everywhere, but they are not wide. There are lakes everywhere, but not big. Hilly areas are generally lush with vegetation. In addition, the environment of these mountains and rivers belongs to the area where monsters are concentrated. Terry recommended this place for me to practice level, which is a good suggestion. In fact, I want to practice only the new familiar, but also to cultivate the feelings of good luck and me. If we don't serve them well, they may not be able to fight in the future. In the guild function,silk ficus tree, you can directly order the guardian beast and the totem beast, but there is no way to order the mascot. If you want them to be obedient in the future, you can only cultivate more now.