3 Ways to Start Betting on IPL 2022 & Win Even if You Haven’t Bet on Earlier IPL Matches

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With IPL underway, it is not that you can’t still engage in and win big by betting on IPL 2022. So, how you can start doing that? Read on to know, in this article.

Did you think that after posting 205-run, Royal Challengers Bangalore had the match in their kitty? Did you think that after the 6th wicket down the match was gone for Delhi Capitals? Well, the answer to that you already know. Both the chasers brought out a splendid performance and chased down the target with flamboyance. Well, this is what IPL is. This is where IPL can ring in surprises. And this is where it gets interesting for the punters as well.

For someone who likes to engage in IPL betting, if you think that you should have started early and now you will find yourself just catching, then think again. Betting is not something that is a tournament and you have to bet on throughout the tournament. Start now, and with right strategy and preparation and knowledgeable you can enjoy your betting and earn handsomely.

There are few things that you should keep in mind:

Check and Sign-up with the Right Website

The first and foremost thing to do is to pick the best IPL betting app in India or website, whichever you prefer and find convenient to your use. Check how many punters are taking part in that website or app, which one is offering what kind of betting odds (to pick which one is right for you), whether you are having the facility to bet on live matches (an interesting or exciting betting method but is also a competitive one). You should look for their payment policies, what payment methods they are providing you, and what minimum amount you can start betting with.

Also, a good betting website is something that will offer you tremendous discounts and benefits. Don’t think that you won’t be getting discounts and rewards now. Even at this stage, as a sign-up benefit and for your first bet you can leverage the multiple types of discounts and offers.

You Should Know the Teams and Format

IPL 2022 is underway and everything related to teams, players, venues and format would be clear to you. You would know that there are 10 teams playing, these are divided into two group, and each team will play twice with the other teams in their group, and once with four teams from the other group and twice with one team from the other group.

This is the stage where the availability of foreign players and big stars would also be clear. So, it could be taken into account when preparing your strategy. Also, there are only four venues in the Maharashtra state that will be hosting all the matches. So, pitch information and weather and other venue stats should also be taken in to determine your bets.

Do Not Start Betting with Previous Match Performances

You may be tempted to bet on team batting second at this stage, owing to the fact that in the first three matches teams batting second have won. This is just the initial phase, and as exciting and unpredictable IPL is, this notion can change quickly. So, play with proper strategy and taking into account everything and not just what your heart says, and believe that the luck will also be on your side.


Keep track of everything that is going on related to IPL by following the trustworthy IPL betting apps in India. Go step by step and match-by-match and remember to keep check how you manage your bankroll, and also don’t forget to enjoy betting.