10 ideas for romantic and sensual hugs for couples

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The hugs of love in the couple are essential to build trust and complicity between the two partners.

The hugs of love in the couple are essential to build trust and complicity between the two partners. This gesture of love brings well-being because it is full of benefits. It opens the door to dialogue, to sharing both in caresses but also in gestures or tender words that will nourish your world of hugs. Calino Therapy is to be lived fully with your life partner.

The love hug can arise spontaneously between the two lovers and unfortunately over time, it can also disappear completely. How to make love hugs in the couple without it becoming a routine? How to ensure that love hugs are a real intimate, confidential and sensual love connection?

The benefits of the hug of love in the couple.

The more you cuddle with your partner, the more you will strengthen the bond of love. This affirmation is essential to know to build the base of your couple. Partners who are not used to touching each other, to hugging, to having complicated and tasty gestures of love risk extinguishing the love fire in their romantic relationship.

Depriving yourself of the physical contact of your lover or lover can make us dry and bitter in our hearts. Touch offers the link a means of communicating their emotions and their essential feelings to develop reciprocal love.

Through this gesture, all the deep affection you feel for the other is expressed. A loving energy flows between you. Your bodies and your souls return to a fusion of softness and appeasement.

The hug of love opens the door to you:

  • To emotional security . Being surrounded by your partner's arms will give you a sense of protection from the outside environment.
  • To unconditional support . For example, if your partner wants to accompany you in a test, he will take you for a long time in his arms while speaking to you softly and reassuring you.
  • To anti-depression . When you embrace with your lover, your brain releases feel-good hormones that will combat your low mood. Oxytocin, the hormone of happiness releases what is called a neuropeptide in the brain and will immediately trigger a feeling of well-being and serenity in the person. Love hugs fight against stress and even certain illnesses. They reduce heart rate and blood pressure because the sensation of touch will trigger receptors in the brain that will send a signal to the vagus nerve. The latter allows to channel the blood flow and therefore to reduce the heart rate. The loving hug reduces anxiety.
  • To trust . Indeed, giving a hug or receiving one, considerably increases confidence in oneself and in the other. This touch creating the hormone of love that circulates between the two beings creates emotional and social attachment. This creates a relationship of trust.
  • To loneliness . Hugs are made with the people we love around us. This tender gesture fills our hearts and helps us to feel less alone. Or if you are not just away you can send good morning with hug images.

The human contact created by hugs is essential for you and your couple. From the little hug in the arms to the sensual hug, there is a beneficial intensity in the couple. But sometimes ideas fail us and we can feel a lack of inspiration or momentum towards the other with the passage of time. How to make love hugs for your couple?

The 5 romantic loves hug his couple.

The embrace of love is wonderful. She is a love foreplay that can provide a lot of pleasure. The romantic, sensual loving hug is part of conscious sexuality. It is a meeting in full presence for both partners and it will allow a unique emotional connection. How to give a romantic love hug?

  1. The face-to-face hug. You are in each other's arms, your head resting on each other's shoulders. To make it evolve, also put yourself head to head. A kiss on your partner's forehead shows a very powerful bond of love between you. To kiss the forehead is to kiss the seat of the other's soul. It makes you feel that your husband or wife loves you unconditionally. 
  2. The hug with the hands of love. When you surround your partner, you can caress their back or their arms. Then gently, you can take your partner's head by stroking his hair and taking his neck. The hands are connected to our heart . In this warm contact, your partner will feel a lot of sincere love.
  3. The back hug. Get behind your partner. Feel its warmth and gently your bodies can also move to caress each other back to back. You can kiss her neck, release her hair tenderly. This back hug can become very sensual by whispering words of love in her ear. The breath in the neck provides a chill immediately.
  4. The hug kiss. Face to face, come give him a little kiss on the lips just to tell him I love you.
  5. The shoulder-to-shoulder hug sitting on the couch. Resting your head on your partner's shoulder provides a sense of stillness. We pose together. Your partner can make this moment of sweetness grow by placing a kiss on your forehead.

And what about loving, sensual hugs?

Some will speak of the big hug, others of the intimate hug going as far as making love. Sensual hugs are gentle and promising foreplay for fulfilling and conscious sexuality between the two partners. The intimate hug brings bodies and souls together. Love energy becomes strong sexual energy.

Here are 5 more intense ideas to give loving and sensual hugs to your partner.

  1. The languorous kiss . Take your partner by the neck and kiss him or her longer than usual. Privilege the certainty of having a pleasant breath to provide at this moment pleasure and the desire to continue. The kiss is a sensual love hug essential in the durability of the couple. Give her some erotic flavor by moving your finger to her lips or putting it in her mouth as well.
  2. The hot sext, the exciting word of love. Even if you're in the house, send her a little more erotic text. This will undoubtedly excite you and give the impetus to move towards the other.
  3. The unexpected quickie. She or he must go back to work in 5 minutes, lay her down on the bed and give her kisses, intimate caresses, slip your hand between her legs if necessary. Give it a taste or if you're the fast type, enjoy together to give yourself a good dose of pleasure!
  4. Watch a good series side by side where you know that some sensual scenes will awaken your pleasure to both of you. It's a great way to boost your libido and give yourself an unprepared sensual hug.
  5. Oil massage. The sensory and intimate contact is an ode to the senses of love. It allows you to enter into personal contact with your partner. The massage will relax you and make you slip into a cloud of softness and sensuality.

How to properly massage your lover or lover?

First, make sure your partner is okay with having this conversation with you. Then there is no need to be a qualified masseur to offer this moment of grace to your darling. You just have to want it and let the inspiration of love guide you in this touch of the body.

Slide your hands with the oil and explore your partner's body with an intention of love, of a shared sensory journey. Make circular gestures with your hands but also with your fingertips to vary the touches.

The love hugs in the couple ensure durability in your reciprocal love. It is an essential intimate sharing to grow your bond.

If you struggle with touch through hugs, turn your hugs into words of love. Enrich your bond with verbal sweetness through loving-kindness writing.

Tell him I love you. Write her sensual love notes sometimes. Create your story. Write the diary of your love relationship by being a confident couple. And send her beautiful good night images every night. 

Need help writing a diary for the couple? I can accompany you with the writing of your private and therapeutic diary – to do alone or as a couple – via my  writing workshop .